Imam’s Corner

Imam Adel AlMorsi

Sheikh Adel currently works as the presiding Imam for the Islamic Center of Morris County in Rockaway, NJ;  he’s married and has three children.

Imam Adel AlMorsi is a Hafiz (memorizes) and reciter of the holy Quran and holds a bachelor’s degree from Al-Azhar University College of Usool Al Din and Dawa.

He has worked as an imam, preacher, and teacher in many mosques, Islamic centers and schools in Egypt and the US. Sheikh Adel is distinguished by his mastery of many professional skills and abilities necessary for any successful spiritual leader for Muslim communities in the US.

His skills include knowledge of the entire Quran with Tajweed, proficiency in Arabic language teaching to Arabs and non-Arabs, overall proficiency in Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) especially that concerning Muslim communities in the west, experience in counseling and guidance in personal and social matters of the community, giving lectures at mosques and universities, fundraising proficiency, experience in outreach with non-Muslims through various activities, in addition to many other skills.Imam Adel is available to service and assist the community at any time: Marriages, Consultations, Ruqyah, Janazah, Aza, Hospital Visitations, Interfaith Events, and welcomes all non-Muslims and people of different backgrounds to learn about Islam

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