Islamic Sunday School

School Principal: Br. Zia Hassan

Vice Principal: Sis. Sameera Yani Hanafi


Dear Parents and Staff:  Asalaamu-alaikum,

We pray that you and family are keeping well and safe. Following is the ICMC  Weeknd (Sunday) School opening and operations plan for 2020-2021 School year :  InshaAllah

  • Teaching of Sunday School Islamic curriculum will be conducted through Online classroom, similar to public school online teaching.
  • Our Teachers will Use Google suite (Google Meet, Classroom; etc)
  • Will use a modified curriculum and reduced classroom time (25-30 minutes) per subject.
  • We will plan total school duration to 90 minutes, broken into 3 core subjects, each 30 minutes of online class.
  • Will require Parent-Student participation in each class as our new Online effective teaching & learning model.
  • Will use Google suite for parent-student assignments, quizzes, and gap review.
  • Sunday School teaching schedule planned from October 2020 to May 2021.
  • Reduced, fixed tuition of $150 per student for the whole school year must be paid to complete registration and attend classes.
  • Student Grade Level Assignment, Books purchase and distribution plan will be communicated by the School Admin after Student Registration is completed.
  • School will InshaAllah start on Sunday, October 4th, 2020 with Online invitation to Parents and Students from the School Admin and Teachers.

– Will adjust curriculum to cover Core subjects:
 Surahs: Meaning, Memorization and Vocabulary (Juzz Amma)

>> Quran: Reading Qaida/ Quran 

>> Islamic Studies: Lessons & Assignments by Grade Level

>> Quranic Arabic : May offer optional registration in Quranic Arabic grammar & language classes over 3-5 levels: Introductory/basic; Intermediate; high/advanced.


1. Requests parents to encourage their Youth to consider joining the school teaching staff as Teacher Assistants/Co-Teachers.
2. The Youth T/As or Co-teaching staff will receive monthly teaching assistant stipend of $100/month, prorated over participating weekend classes.
3. If interested and can meet the below listed Requirements, then the Youth are requested to please apply by email, as soon as possible But no later than Monday August 3rd, with full name, cell phone number, and details on following requirements to :

>> School year 2020-2021 High School Juniors and Seniors; and College Students.
>> Have Good Islamic knowledge, and Online Google Classroom Technical knowledge will be a plus.
>> Willing to be responsible and provide Commitment to work at least 2 hours per week to assist Teachers, Parents and Students with Online Classes.
>> Ready to Join & Complete Teacher Training Sessions for T/A-Co-Teacher certification during August-Sept 2020.
4. Certificates and awards will be given upon timely and full completion of training.

* For further information, Contact for ICMC Sunday School: Mail to , or call at 973-664-1111

May Allah swt bless you and your family. Take care and be safe.

Thank you.
The Admin and Staff,
ICMC Weekend (Sunday) School, Rockaway, NJ

ICMC School Registration


Quality and Excellence in Islamic Education for Your Children


The Islamic School is focused on providing the basic Islamic education and Islamic values to our children.  We have a set program and well-defined curriculum.  Our dedicated and talented staff of volunteer teachers follows the curriculum, as best as possible. The curriculum is focused in three main areas:

  1. Quran – Hifz, Meaning, & Tajweed
  2. Quranic Arabic – Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Comprehension
  3. Islamic Studies & Projects – based on Quran & Hadith

Goals & Objectives:

Our main goals is to give your children the Islamic knowledge, skills and practice in a fun and meaningful way, while also providing a Muslim environment of friendship and practice. We want the children to be knowledgeable, believing and good practicing Muslims.

  • We want them to believe in Allah in their hearts and recognize that He is their Lord.
  • We want the children to be aware of their duty to Allah and to be motivated to do ‘Ibadah.
  • We want the children to have knowledge of the teaching and practices of Islam.
  • We want the children to have curiosity to know why Islam is the best way of life.
  • We want the children to develop Muslim friends, excellent character, manners and respectful demeanor.
  • We want the children to be able to deal in excellent Muslim manners with non-Muslims and with compassion & kindness for the Needy
  • We want children to be proud of their Islamic beliefs, teachings and heritage, and explain it to non-Muslims in a coherent and compelling way


Student grade Levels are divided based on knowledge and age. Exact knowledge and subject matter will vary according to grade levels.  They should expect to make Muslim friends, and that they will learn new Islamic knowledge and skills as they advance through the grade levels.

  • School will give new students a Quran & Arabic Evaluation for the Level assignment prior to finalizing registration. Evaluation is to determine how much the student knows of Quran & Arabic. Then, they will be placed in the grade Level according to their age and knowledge.
  • Orientation classes will be offered to new students who need improvement in the first year. Following year they will be evaluated again and maybe able to join the regular grade level.

Operations & Registration Information is available at

May Allah bless you and your family.  We  look forward to welcoming and serving you and your children inshaAllah at the ICMC Islamic Weekend (Sunday) School.

Islamic Center of Morris County

1 Mannino Dr
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