(Class notes from the sisters Halaqa, with Sheikh Adel)

The Message of Islam is universal. It is a comprehensive religion and is applicable to all times and places. It is not specific to any Age or Place. It applies to every human being, Jinn, and creation of Allah SWT. Islam is a complete religion. This religion came to protect and preserve five things:

  1. Preserve Faith (La Ilaha illAllah) There is no God but Allah.
  2. Preserve the human race.
  3. Preserve the brain (Intellect)
  4. Preserve Nasl (progeny), procreate to preserve humanity
  5. Preserve and protect wealth.

The Prophet (SAW) has been sent as a mercy for all worlds! Islam is an easy religion to follow, there are no impossible rules to follow, Allah has made it easy for the believer. Abu Bakr  (RA) would say, “even if I loose the rope of a camel I’ll find it in the book of Allah’, stressing that there’s nothing out of this religion. This religion is pure and Allah (SWT) has said that He would preserve it until the end of time.

Water exists in three states, Tahoor, Tahir and Najs.

Tahoor water is pure in itself and good to be used for purification.

Tahir water is pure in state but not good for use in purification

Najs is impure water, this kind of water has added impurities which change its color, smell & taste. This water is not to be used for purification purpose.


There are 7 types of water that are used for purification. Three types of water are sent down from the skies, water from rain, snow and hail. They are all good for use in purification.

Water of the well: Even though, wild animals may have used this water it is good for use in purification.

Spring water, Sea water and River water are all good for purification. In regards to sea water, Prophet (SAW) has said, whatever is in the sea is edible including its dead. Prophet SAW has said about purity, that indeed a believer will never be in a state of Junub( impurity). In Surah Taubah Allah SWT says, ‘The disbelievers are impure’, meaning not physically but spiritually or in their hearts.

Water that is left over after drinking from it is ok for use in purification. Water that cats have drunk out of, is also good for use in purification. Pigs and dogs will make stagnant water impure if they drink from there. Only exception will be if they drink out of running water. Most scholars agree that water that has been used before can be used in purification as long as there are no impurities added to it.

Rules of Using the Bathroom:

       Before entering the bathroom say the dua, “Allahumma inni Aoodhobika minal khubosi wal khabais”, O Allah I seek refuge in you from the male and female devils.

  • Enter with your left foot first.
  • Do not take anything with the name of Allah on it (i.e rings, necklaces etc.) with you inside.
  • It is sunnah to not talk while inside.
  • Avoid reading while inside.
  • Avoid making the bathroom facing the Qiblah.
  • Clean yourself very well after the call of nature. Use your left hand to clean yourself.
  • Exit with your right foot first.
  • When outside say the dua, Ghufranaka three times or say the dua, “Ghufranaka Alhamdu Lillahilladhi adhhaba annil adha wa aa’fani” O Allah, I seek your forgiveness. All praises are due to Allah who has taken away from me the discomfort and granted me comfort.


Prophet  (SAW) asked us to avoid 2 curses

Do not use a public place or the shade of a tree to relieve yourself, try and find a place designated for that purpose.

Do not blow over food as your breath must not be in the food

Do not urinate in the place used for showering. Men must not stand and urinate as some urine may splash on them.

The Prophet (SAW) once passed by two graves and he told his companions that these two were being tortured, when asked for what, he said, one of them used to hear something about a person and would go and tell that person thereby causing discord among them. The other one was being tortured as he was negligent in being clean after using the bathroom. Cleanliness is one of the branches of deen.

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